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CBT Extreme

Hotel Room Businessman Receives Agonizing Cock and Ball Slapping

In today's video clip a businessman receives an agonising cock and ball spanking from a really sexy hotel worker after trying it on with her in his room. The businessman had summoned the employee to his hotel room on a pretext and when she arrived she discovered him in bed wearing nothing but a hand towel and with a totally obvious hard-on. The guy informed her he would make up a complaint about her if she did not blow his cock. Feigning compliance, the attractive hotel employee ripped off the man's towel and started to jerk his hard prick. However, just as the man was starting to relish a great gentle handjob, the woman suddenly bashed him on the gonads...

Extreme Cock and Ball Spanking Movie – Watch It Right Now!

You can see the remainder of this movie, and discover exactly how this sexy hotel worker gives this businessman a rough cock spanking, by clicking on the link above.

Tutor Forced College Student To Cum

When a big breasted English teacher notices her male student checking out her boobs and peeping up her short skirt she decides to teach him a lesson. The teacher makes him take out the boner he has been hiding below the desk and then makes him sit there in embarrassment as she shouts at him for being a dirty young pervert. To make sure he is suitably punished she begins to abuse his balls with hard slaps of her hand. In spite of his humiliation the student finds his cock is getting even harder...

Made to Spunk by Demanding Tutor – Watch Now

You'll be able to check out the full-length movie of this hot tutor forcing her student to spunk by clicking the link above.

Secretary Forces Boss to Spunk

In this movie clip a sexy secretary makes her boss cum in payback for his continuous rude behaviour. After listening to her manager's bull-shit for way too long this gutsy chick eventually breaks and decides to show the guy who really possesses the upper hand within their working relationship. She waits until everyone has left the office and the boss is alone before surprising him as he views some porn on the Internet. Knowing that he has been caught the boss realises that he has no alternative except to do precisely as he's instructed.

Sexy Secretary Forces Boss to Ejaculate – Entire Video

You can witness the tirade of verbal and physical punishment that this long-suffering secretary gives her pervert manager simply by clicking the link above and downloading the entire HD male forced milking movie.

Mad Chick Administers Forced Hand Job Discipline

Today's video clip shows yet another psychotic girlfriend administering forced handjob discipline to her cheating boyfriend. When it comes to crazed girls it will take you quite a while to discover one as mad as this particular British chick. This one genuinely gives the guy lots of hardcore mental and physical discipline before finally forcing him to jizz following one of the most severe forced handjobs I've ever seen.

Forced Hand-Job Discipline – Watch Full Movie

This is a movie that you should get a hold of because you'll finish up watching it many times. You can get the full HD edition of this stunning forced handjob abuse movie by following the link above.

Male Forced Milking by Nun

A young man gets caught masturbating by one of the nuns from his college and is told to stay in her study until break time. When the nun gets there she quizzes him about how often he wanks and he confesses that it is generally several times every day. The sister tells the guy it is extremely sinful to jack off and that she has simply no alternative but to teach him a painful lesson. The nun then forces him to remove his pants and begins to torture his limp penis by slapping it with her palm...

Male Forced Milking by Nunt – Full Video

You can discover what happens when this strict nun force milks her pupil's cock and balls by watching the full Hi-Def movie on the website link above.

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